The Young Man Blues




Ukiyo-e Heroes is a project that recreates classic video games in the form of classical style Japanese paintings.

These are amazing!

- Darth Sebious

Probably one of the cooler things I’ve ever seen. 

This rules.

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The beeping microwave keypad

sings a familiar song. 

Hot Pockets in,

Hot Pockets out.

Unsheathed and ready 

to be devoured.

Lukewarm coffee

waits nearby.

In a mug that screams,

“God Bless America.”


The coffee tastes 

like shit.

I think you’d like it.


and slowly dying,

I watch dust particles

dance, bathed in

mid-morning sun.

I remember us

dancing in this

small apartment 

to stupid songs 

about nothing. 

I smirk,

considering myself a sage.

Realizing, too late,

that our love lived in

the stupidest songs

and shittiest coffee.

It was lost

trying to find meaning

in a world where

there is none.


Don’t let the media warp your perception of beauty. Beauty is pizza. 


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Nintendo’s sales haven’t been what they hoped for or expected, so all the executives got together and made the decision to cut their salaries in half to ensure their employees still get paid. They say it’s the fault of the executives that…

This is amazing. I really hope that this company can turn it around. They need to take a long hard look at what worked for them in the past. More Zelda plz.

Asheville friends, come see Means Well tonight at LAB. $6 9pm.

Asheville friends, come see Means Well tonight at LAB. $6 9pm.

Sometimes I feel like picking up a guitar for the first time was the worst decision that I’ve ever made.

Joshua Cook


Hey, here’s a shitty recording of a shitty song that I wrote today, because I’m tired of keeping to myself.